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Welcome to the world of Officina!

"...our ideas and our passion, tailor-made for you..."

Officina is the answer to the needs of a market that demands greater quality in the design and production of furniture and, above all, greater attention to design.

Innovation, design, sustainability, sensoriality and beauty are the cornerstones of our 30-year history of custom-made furniture production.


Our goal is to create the best conditions for our customers' dreams to become concrete solutions.


Officina's strength is its ability to follow all the production processes in-house; from the development of an idea to its realisation, guaranteeing the client originality and uniqueness of the product, conceived, designed and realised around his desire.


Our vocation for design and the careful craftsmanship of our craftsmen carpenters, set up our ideas and our passion....

Lenostre soluzioni

"Home is not about bricks but about love."

office furniture

"The desk is a dangerous place from which to observe the world."


Visit our showrooms.
You will find us in Rome, Pescara and Sassari, but we deliver all over Italy!
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